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Peak Prep Employee of the Month 2013-14


Peak Primary

Amber Ackley

Amber Ackley has done an incredible job of leading carline. Starting a brand new procedure as huge as carline is messy and stressful. Amber has thoroughly thought of how toefficiently run carline so that Scholars and Staff are safe. She has clearlycommunicated all changes that needed to be made in order to most effectivelytackle carline and made it clear, changes will continue to be made until the system ismost efficient it can be. Amber has taken input from various staff members fromtheir different posts and perspectives and put everyone’s ideas into acomprehensive plan on how car line needs to be run. Shedid the dirty work so that our scholars leave the building with a positiveexiting experience! When stickysituations arose that involved talking to a parent about expectations, Amberdid it with poise and grace, without ducking her tail. She is an awesome memberof our Peak Primary Team!

Peak Secondary

Mrs. Lahti

I believe that Mrs. Lahti has showed both Professionalism,student focus alone with being able to include creative Problem learning intohere class/school sections. She has helped me as a new member of the staff comeon to how to communicate to the student body more in there language vs. just mylanguage. Student focus has been integrated on many levels such as, helpingstudents maintain a positive attitude while learning the importance of art andtheater arts. I noticed when we as teachers call on students and they at timehave no clue to what the answer is, we just go to the next person. Well Mr.Lathti came up with a perfect scenario to the creative problem buy having thestudents continue to stand until the peers help them out with a valid answer.That to me shows leadership in the class, responsibility for one anther alonewith collaboration with the other students. So once again, great job Mrs. Lahti!

Last Modified on September 22, 2011
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