Employee of the Month

Heights Prep Employee of the Month 2013-14


Heights Primary

Whitney Fox

From day one, Whitney has been willing to jump right in andwork with others in order to ensure that scholars have been provided with thebest learning opportunities possible.When Whitney sees something that can be improved, she jumps right inwith suggestions and develops a plan to make the vision a reality.To name afew, Whitney has played an integral role in re-shaping the following schoolwide procedures and systems: carline, breakfast/lunch procedure, and MAPtesting.

Heights Secondary

Kris Thibault

Kristruly demonstrated whata "school teacher" is rather than a"classroom teacher" as he makes sure to help and support any teacher atany time. He is also demonstrated what it means to be reflective and aself-learner, as he is constantly seeking out how to build upon his strengthswithin the classroom. He serves his scholars and his team with humility andalways remains with a scholar-focused mindset. He also began his planning earlyin the summer to ensure he would start the year off on a strong foot, which hasthus been a great example for other teachers to see.

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